Scarlet Letter
Tramp Steamer


Alicia at the Man of Kent, Oil on Canvas, 71" x 47.5", 2006


The Sling Chair (Hannah), Oil on Canvas, 74”x49”, 2001


Self Portrait (Streetfighter), Oil on Billboard Vinyl,
        24” x 22”, 2005


The Models, Oil on Canvas,
74”x28”, 2000


Linda x 4, Oil on Canvas, 60"x52", 2003


Siberian Express, Oil on Canvas, 76"x55", 2005


Alicia, Oil on Canvas, 18"x14", 2005


The Sling Chair (Laura) , Oil on Canvas, 74"x49", 2001


The Red Shawl, Oil on Canvas 49"x29", 2002


Autobiography 2001 - SOLD


Laura at Rattlesnake Swamp, Oil on Canvas, 74"x49", 2001 SOLD (Others in Series available)


Against the Barn (Laura), Oil on Canvas, 74"x30", SOLD


You, Ink and Gesso on Canvas, 18"x24", 2004


Doorway, Oil on Canvas, 74"x50", 2001


Baby Grand, Oil and Oil Stick on Canvas, 46"x16.5", 2001.
(On long-term loan to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA)


The Paisley Robe, Oil on Canvas (Top Panel), 4' x 4', 2003


The Paisley Robe, Oil on Canvas (Bottom Panel) 4'x4', 2003


Back Fire, Oil on Canvas, 74"x29.5", 2000, SOLD


Gold Shawl (detail), Oil on Canvas, 100"x65", 2001


The Black Cap that Was Lost in the Hudson,
Oil on Canvas, 36"x31", 2003
Lighting Up, Oil on Canvas, 36"x31", 2003
Motorcycle Jacket Oil on Canvas, 36"x30", 2003


Blowing Up Babbie,
Xerox Blowups on copier  paper,
86”x46”, 2004


Artist's Statement, Oil on Canvas, 36"x24", 2004


Rachel, Oil on Canvas, 19.75"x20", 2005


The Hug, Oil on Canvas, 30"x 45", 2004


Betsy x 6,
Oil on Canvas, 49”x76”, 2003


The Armwrestlers, Oil on Canvas, 40"x72", 2003 - SOLD (Billboard-style reproduction available)


Anita and the Polar Bears, Oil on Canvas, 75"x98", 1999/2005 


Spike, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 44, 2000 SOLD


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