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My Photos

To Have and Have Not,  30" x48", print mounted on aluminum, 2015




Edge of the World, 2016





Private, 2016





The Channel, 2011


John and Riley, Easter 2011


Underground, 2011


Chelsea, 2011



Fashion Week, Lincoln Center, September 10, 2010 



Emily and Heather entertain Sara Mae at Thanksgiving, 2009



Double Self Portrait, 2011



North Street, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 2010



Pontoosuc Lake, Pittsfield, 2010



Reflection in a train window, Metro North, 2009



A face and foliage, Metro North, 2009




Street Conference, New York City, 2009


Hand to Hand, Chin to Chin,  New York City, 2009



The Stare, New York City, 2009



Gallery Window, Chelsea, 2010



Waiting for the Uptown Local , 2010



Sun Shaft, 2010



Here Comes the Sun, 2010


WWII Parachute Dress, Lincoln Center, 2010




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