Scarlet Letter
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Jeanne d'Arc

(A series of 36 paintings done in 2008-2009)

Jeanne d’Arc (Number 15), ‘It is for God to make revelations to whom He pleases.’  acrylic on Mylar and canvas, 80x 45, 2008


Jeanne d’Arc (Number 18), ‘This woman is scandalous, seditious, and wanton, towards God, the Church, and the faithful.’ acrylic on Mylar and canvas, 36x 74, 2008



Jeanne d’Arc (Number 8), ‘Truly, if you were to tear me limb from limb and separate my soul from my body, I would not tell you anything more.’ acrylic on canvas, 52”x 42”, 2008


Jeanne d’Arc (Number 24), ‘But the fire of her pride...renewed by the breath of devils, suddenly bust out in poisonous flames.’ acrylic on canvas, 84x60, 2008


Jeanne d’Arc (Number 9), acrylic on canvas, 36x24, 2008


Jeanne d’Arc (Number 1), ‘The Maiden lets you know that here, in eight days, she has chased the English out...’  acrylic on canvas, 58”x42”, 2008


Jeanne d’Arc (Number16), ‘And if I saw the fire, I should say all that I do now to you, and nothing more.’ acrylic on mylar and canvas, 57.5x42, 2008

Jeanne d’Arc (Number 20), ‘I Confess’, acrylic on canvas, 36x24, 2008


Jeanne d'Arc (Number 36), 4' x 2', Acrylic on Panel, 2010





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