Scarlet Letter
Tramp Steamer

Dresden Firebombing


Dresden, 61” x 49”, oil and collage, 2006



Of Time and the River,
Oil on Collaged Canvas, 76.5” x 84”, 2007



Dresden Mon Amour, Oil, Copper,
Doll’s Head, on collaged canvas, 2006



In Memorium

Oil on collaged canvas, 50” x 40.5”, 2007



And She Was All of Solid Fire (Detail)

68.5"x74", oil and collage on canvas



Acrylic and collage on Canvas, 2010



Angel of Incineration,
Oil on collaged canvas, 69” x 48”, 2007


Bomb Rider Feuersturm, Oil on Canvas,
76” x 50”, 2006



A Map of Dresden

Oil on paper on canvas, 80” x 44”, 2006




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