Like so many of my abstract photos, this one may have been born in the kitchen sink. There I see a lot of reflections and colors when I do the dishes and the pots and pans.. Or it may have been a photo of something else entirely. I call it Twelve Meter 2. All rights to these photos are reserved.

This abstract was made in a few minutes by messing around with my photo of a woman who posed for me. I got some of the effects using the smudge setting.

I have no idea of this child’s beginnings, other that I am the father. I should add a reminder that these are all my photographs and that all rights are reserved.

This baby started life as a photograph and appears here without having been altered.

This,, bless it’s heart, is a detail from one of my paintings. It has, what my wife says too many of my works have, a heart of darkness.

This, too, has that heart of darkness.I forget its origin. But the word Samsung can be seen – perhaps you’ll need a magnifying glass – at the bottom of the photo. That makes me think it began as a photo I took of our Samsung TV screen.

This may have been conceived as a shot of windows, or skylights or the glass panels in my front door. I spent a lot of time working on this in Photoshop. That isn’t evident. So sometimes these abstracts take a lot of time and don’t produce anything outstanding. And sometimes you knock them off in minutes and end up with something you really like. Any of these are available in photos pressed onto aluminum. Tell me how big you would like the picture, and I’ll give you its cost.