Here I am, green with envy, in this selfie I call A Segal and Me. It is one of six photos I entered in a self-portrait contest sponsored by See-Me. I know I didn’t win the grand prize. It went to Kenneth Lambert. They don’t seem to have listed the runners-up. So I could still be in the running. (Dream on, Grier.) I looked at some of the submissions on their website today and found I’m up against some very stiff competition.

In 2015 this sculpture had become a favorite backdrop for selfies, standing dramatically at the bottom of the stairs at the Williams College of Art. The couple didn’t look too happy. If you’ll pardon the anthropomorphism, maybe they were unhappy about being a background instead of the stars. While they weren’t created by God, they were created by George Segal, a god among contemporary sculptors.

This black and white is another of my Portraits of the Artist as an old man.

Here is another one. The photo is of my computer screen when I had a picture of the  incandescent Christa Théret up.  She plays Renoir’s last model in the movie Renoir.

That’s Christa, now back to me.

This could be called Grier the Red.

You might call this one The Incandescent Grier Horner. OK. I know you won’t.

And this is lost in space.

Here’s one of the amazing shots by the winner, Kenneth Lambert. His technique was so complicated I couldn’t begin to understand it.