I took this picture to show you this humungous lady. She must have been 40 feet high. I couldn’t believe it. There were these old people in front of her. They knew it was not good manners to look. They were all looking away. Then we went inside this big room and there were a lot more naked ladies and a whole bunch of old people. They were all looking. Daddy told me it was okay to look. That’s why they were there. So you could look at them. He said I was old enough. That made me feel grown up.

One of the only pictures that wasn’t of a naked lady was this one. It was a boy. He didn’t have any clothes on either. But he had a nice cat. I thought this one was better than his other stuff. I was allowed to take this. But when we got inside the big room I wasn’t allowed to take any more pictures. That didn’t make sense to me. But I put my iPhone in my back pocket like the big kids do.

And I liked these two, too.

This one.And this one. He did a real good cat. Just like he did before.

The tag that explains the pictures said this one was impressive because it put the lady right up front. She did sort of pop out of the frame. She was looking right at me.

Another one that was pretty good was this one. It was a statue. He made those, too. I think maybe he was better at statues.

They said the one below was a late Renoir. I guess he didn’t get it to the museum in time.

I liked the girl below. She’s not much older than me. And listen to this, he did it all with chalk. White, red and black chalk. I’ll try to do one like this on the sidewalk. But mine won’t be anywhere near as good.

I didn’t like Renoir much at the beginning, Mom. But by the time we saw them all – there must have been 100 – I wished I could paint as good as him.