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Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man

By Grier Horner


October 28, 2014

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Photos by Grier Horner/All Rights Reserved

Since I've been giving you a steady diet of highly-doctored photos - some of which don't look like photos at all - I thought today I'd give you pictures along the Bike Trail that are pretty much what you'd have seen if you'd been walking there late yesterday afternoon.

I walk out to the one-mile mark on the trail and then turn around and go back to the parking lot. But there are times that the 2-mile walk takes a long time because I stop along the way and take pictures. I'm not a fast walker. Two middle-aged women came surging past me and quickly moved out of sight on a curve.

The sun was getting low in the sky but still lighting up the tops of trees - as in the photo above - and hills - below.

I enjoy my walks there and for the last six weeks or so that's where I've been getting my ideas for my Enchanted Swamp series. In fact, I got in trouble with Facebook yesterday for putting in this photo from that series. She's starting to look a little like Mona Lisa to me.